My Five #226

Lip art, magic eight balls, bot-to-bot marketing and more, it can only be My Five time. Enjoy!

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Ashleigh.

1.Facebook tests ‘Dislike’ Button For Messenger

Facebook has finally introduced a dislike button, but not where people thought it would be, this is in Facebook messenger. Apparently, if you hover over a message you could see an emoji icon and then when you click that you have a choice of reactions to add:

I’m not seeing it yet when I’m logged into Facebook messenger, but apparently it’s just a trial, so watch this space.

2. Bot-to-bot marketing is to become ‘a thing’

Voice-based intelligent agents or bots like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home’s Assistant are becoming all the rage these days. People no longer have to get their phone or laptop out if they want to play music or find out the weather forecast, they can simply ask their ‘bot’ and it will tell them.

From this, there is a new channel emerging for marketers, through bot-to-bot marketing, when a bot is interacting with another bot or agent instead of searching the web/knowledge base/profile.

They’re predicting that in a few years “most interaction will be conversational.” We could, therefore, ask these bots to find us a hotel or restaurant in a given location and the bot could search the web, and look at reviews on TripAdvisor for instance, so this will mean that “marketers will have to spend more time on reputation management” as stated by ArcTouch Chief Experience Officer and founder Adam Fingerman. The bot is most likely to suggest the top result so Google has to ensure that that is a ‘good’ option and therefore marketers will need to provide more structured data for Google to go off.

To find out more about the ins and outs, check out:

Here’s an example of where it can go horribly wrong – Google said that Prime Minister, Theresa May, is secretly a lizard and Barack Obama is planning to overthrow Trump:

3. Make-up artist paints works of art on her lips

Make-up artist and Instagram star, Jazmina Daniel, enjoyed the most liked Instagram picture ever of Beyonce (the pregnancy one), that she spent 4 hours replicating the image onto her own lips:

She’s done loads of others too:

Very clever, eh?

4. Ever wondered what the iTunes T&Cs would look like as a graphic novel?

Well, Robert Sikoryak has done just that, he’s turned the 20,699-word iTunes 2015 T&Cs (and word-for-word) into this year’s hottest graphic novel:

The novel portrays the late Steve Jobs as various superheroes and famous comic characters, as he explains the T&Cs you have to agree to when becoming an iTunes customer.

If you’d like to see the graphic novel in full, you can purchase it here for $14.95.

5. So, what’s that eight ball all about?

Have you noticed men posting a mysterious eight ball emoji on their Facebook feeds recently? Well, it’s all to raise awareness for a very good cause, to promote awareness of prostate cancer – the number 8 refers to the Gleason score.

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