My Five #221

It’s double trouble for Beyoncé, a look at utter brilliance on Twitter as well as the tennis court and HE is back. Even Kim Jong-un makes an appearance – it must be My Five time.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Joe.

1. It’s twins!

The big celeb news this week was Beyoncé’s announcement, via an intriguing photograph on Instagram that she and Jay-Z are expecting twins.

Cue the inevitable explosion of interest and chatter accross the Internet. As always, you can rely on Twitter to provide some funny responses to the news, a good collection of which can be seen here.

2. All hail Roger

I was glued to the television last Sunday morning watching perhaps the most unexpected, but arguably the most wanted, final of the Austrialian Open (tennis). Two legends of the game rolled back the years and provided an epic slugfest.

I am a massive Roger Federer fan. I am not alone and his amazing marketability is key to his staggering earnings over the years. A consistent feature in the top 10 highest paid athletes lists, he earns a lot more from his sponsorships and endorsements than he does from winning tennis matches. Good for him, as he is a superb role model for all athletes and has provided the tennis world with years of enjoyment.

I was therefore extremely pleased to see him win his 18th major title, but it was a brilliant match and Nadal must be recognised for his part in a demonstration that a combined age of 65 is no barrier to superb tennis.

This was my favourite rally of the match:

Roger Federer: Shot of the Day, presented by CPA Australia | Australian Open 2017

3. The art of the Twitter takedown

Until this week, I hadn’t realised what a Twitter legend J.K.Rowling is.

She arrived on my radar when she retweeted vice president Mike Pence’s tweet from yesteryear:

To rub salt into the wound, she added a biblical reference:

Ouch! Predictably, she was subject to a barrage of abuse (as well as a lot of support). She has proven to be a formidable Twitter opponent though and has produced some legendary takedowns. If you haven’t been there already, you should definitely have a look at her Twitter timeline.

Perhaps my favourites are:


4. He’s back!

Another surprise Twitter legend is a certain James Blunt. Yes, that James Blunt who did that song.

His Twitter comebacks definitely rank amongst my favourites of all time and he is definitely worth following, as long as you don’t mind an occasional rude word…

Well, he is back with a new single. In typical fashion, he announces the single with a cheeky announcement on Twitter of “Here’s that sex tape I promised you”, but also in typical self-deprecating fashion, the lyrics are surprisingly human:

James Blunt - Love Me Better (Official Music Video)

Would have said you’re beautiful but I’ve used that line before” is most definitely my favourite line from a song so far in 2017.

5. And finally

I have tried very hard not to be political this week, but this cracked me up:

crazy world leaders
Image courtesy of

Have a fantastic week everyone!

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