My Five #191

Obama snaps, a top-floor scandal, fake masterpieces, the Spice Girls, (with a comeback?!) and trolling on Twitter – it is My Five time!

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Annie.

1. Captured on cam

With President Obama’s time in office drawing to a close, his last day as president will be 20th January, 2017. Official White House photographer, Pete Souza, captured an estimated 2 million photos across Obama’s eight years of leadership and New Zealand magazine, Denizen posted a selection of some of his favourites. You can check them out on his Facebook page, but here’s one of my faves:

image credit 2

2. Meet Walburga, the married woman who hid a secret lover in her attic for a decade

Yes. I know. I clicked. (read about the merits of clickbait here). This is actually a bloody good story and had us chuckling in the office this week. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s worth the read for all the components of a great scandal (or Eastenders story line); sex, guns, murder, brawls, more sex (with the lawyer) etc. etc – you get the idea. And before you think that the headline is sensationalised purely for clicks, I can confirm that a married woman did indeed hide her secret lover in her attic for a decade. Enjoy!

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3. Spice Girls Wannabe remade by Project Everyone

Glamour Magazine covered this story as

“… This wannabe remake will make you smile, guaranteed.”

Well, woe us for being cynics but we’re not quite sure this works – although we love the sentiment. The Spice Girls classic (no augments there) Wannabe, first released 20 years ago, has been reworked by charity Project Everyone. The message? women from all over the world delivering a message to government leaders what they ‘really really want’ for example is to; ‘end violence against girls’ and ‘quality education for all girls’. It’s even been endorsed by Victoria Beckham herself! As discussed in the office, it’s not the message that doesn’t sit comfortably but the implied promiscuity from the rest of the lyrics of the song which translates into a song about sex and drugs. Eyebrows: raised. Here’s the video…


4. Fake! The Great Masterpiece Challenge

According to researchers, the average museum goer spends less than 30 seconds in front of a work of art? Sky Arts are launching a new TV show called… yep, you guessed it, Fake! The Great Masterpiee Challenge. The social experiment, where fake art is hung alongside their masterpieces, aims to slow visitors down in British museums. In what Sky Arts claims is a bid to:

“… inject a sense of fun in the usual dry, academic tone of art-focused television programs about centuries-old British paintings…”

The competition sees seven fake paintings in galleries throughout the UK with prizes for those with a keen eye for spotting the odd-one-out.

To find out more about the competition and discover which museums are taking part head here.

5. And finally…


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