My Five #175

Featured in My Five this week; Twitter, Twitter again, Facebook’s Safety Check feature and a naughty cat plus other general silliness from the internet this week.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Annie.

1. Happy Birthday Twitter

There were some great statistics (and I love a good stat) released by Campaign this week as the social media giant celebrated its 10th birthday. Key facts include:

  • Most tweeted emoji – “tears of Joy”
  • Most tweeted hashtag tradition – #FF, which means “Follow Friday”
  • Fastest to reach 1 million followers – Caitlyn Jenner
  • My personal favourite, most retweeted tweet – Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie, which amassed 3.3million retweets with the caption “If only Bradley’s arm was longer…”

2. How to put your Twitter feed back in chronological order

Twitter joined the likes of Facebook and Instagram and recently began to show what it considers the best tweets by prioritising those accounts which you have interacted with regularly. If, like Browser Media’s Samuel Darcy, you’re not happy about the latest update and you’d prefer your Twitter timeline to be chronological once again, you can turn off the setting that shows “best Tweets first”.

For Android app users
menu icon > settings > timeline > turn off “Show me the best Tweets first”

For iOS app users
gear icon > settings > select account > timeline > timeline personalisation > turn off “Show me the best Tweets first”

You’re welcome.

3. Facebook’s Safety Check feature

Following the awful attacks in Brussels this week, Facebook activated its safety check feature. After several explosions on Tuesday morning in Brussels, resulting in many fatalities and dozens of injuries, there were immediate calls for Facebook to activate its Safety Check feature. The tool allows people to check in as safe after a terrorist attack. I first saw this being used by a friend after it was activated in Paris following the attacks in November which was a great source of relief knowing they were both OK.

4. Boaty McBrilliant

Natural Research Council’s new 200m ship probably won’t be called Boaty McBoatface after the NERC launched a poll encouraging nay, trusting the Great British public to suggest a name for their new vessel. We didn’t disappoint. Some of my favourite suggestions include: ‘Big Shipinnit’, ‘RRS Usain Boat’, ‘Clifford The Big Red Boat’ and simply ‘SCIENCE!!!’. Suggestions on a postcard, please. My search for this glorious story lead me to stumble across Mr Splashy Pants, enjoy!

5. Naughty Brigit!

Six-year-old Tonkinese cat, Brigit has been caught red handed stealing socks and men’s underwear. The feline’s strange nocturnal obsession led owner, Ms. Nathan, to report to the BBC

“…it’s getting silly. Someone must be missing this stuff”

I must admit if I started discovering “odd pieces” of underwear in my laundry I wouldn’t immediately turn to the family pet as the culprit.

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