My Five #110

Kim Kardashian’s back end proves to be more robust than Net-a-Porter’s, an excellent John Lewis ad parody and Google in trouble. It’s MyFive

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Five things worth sharing from the last week (or so), brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Joe.

1. Not a good time for a website to crash

Black Friday mania seems to have made its way across the pond and is now a firm fixture in the UK retail calendar. Most retailers are now having Black Friday sales and this period (along with Cyber Monday) see incredibly high sales figures.

Definitely not a good time, therefore, to see your website crash which is exactly what happened this week when Net-a-Porter launched its end of season sale.  Hmmm, who was responsible for load testing the website?

Kim Kardashian tried to break the internet last week but failed. Obviously her back end was a lot more resilient….

2. The best John Lewis parody so far?

Matt mentioned the advent of Monty the penguin in  the new John Lewis ad earlier this month. There have been some very amusing parody videos surfacing ever since.

I think I have found my favourite (needs sound and an adult sense of humour):

The John Lewis Christmas Ad 2014 - Translated

3. Take That Google!

Whilst Google may have got one over on Spotify with the Take That deal, yesterday wasn’t a good day for Google over in the EU Parliament.

I am no expert at European politics and, as far as I understand, the motion is a symbolic one but MEPs voted 384 v 174 in favour of a controversial motion in support of a break-up of Google. Don’t hold your breath for any immediate change, but I find it interesting that an internet company has become so big and powerful that it is in the cross hairs of the EU parliament.

There was also an interesting article on Reuters looking at whether it is an anti US move by the Europeans. It seems to be more of a US civil war?

4. New website for Econsultancy

If you know us, you will know that we are old friends with (as should any digital marketer be).

This week saw the massively overdue launch of their new website. I like it. Yes, there are some teething pains but it feels a lot fresher to me and they have finally embraced the world of mobile….

You can read more about the new site at

5. And finally…

This week, I discovered Chris Cohen on YouTube. Very amusing videos if you have some spare time.

One video in particular caught my attention. If you have been to our office, you may have met Ruby the office dog (find her on our virtual tour if not). This dog is startingly similar to her:

Dog vs Tater Tot - The Translation

Have a great weekend!


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