Marketing Excellence Awards 2013

Browser Media is pleased to announce that we are finalists in two categories for the CIM’s Marketing Excellence Awards 2013.

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Browser Media - CIM finalist Blowing our own trumpet is not something that we excel at here at Browser Media.

I am going to make an exception today, however, as we were thrilled to find out this week that we have been nominated as finalists in two categories of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Marketing Excellence Awards 2013.

It feels fantastic to get recognition for the excellent work that the agency has been working on over the past year, especially when the recognition is from an establishment such as the CIM. This is not a mickey mouse award and being nominated is something that I am really proud of for the team.

On a personal level, I am especially pleased that we have been nominated for our work promoting the mighty as the project is a really good example of what modern SEO should be about (see my Has the SEO Cat Finally Run Out Of Lives? post if you want to see / hear my view on the age old ‘SEO is dead’ debate).

Yes, we helped optimise the site, but the real strength of the campaign was the variety of different online marketing techniques that we used to help promote the brand to a wider audience. Old school SEO it was certainly not and it is really good to see the CIM recognise the campaign.

I often think about which work I am most proud of and the Scribbler campaign is always up there on my personal short list as we were able to use so many different forms of content to help engage with audiences.

It also makes me smile as it reminds me of the fun we had filming the man chair video (which was created to help push Father’s day cards). The office was transformed into an Aladdin’s cave of odd man toys – there is still a pair of antlers hanging on the wall.  It is not often that you hear someone casually ask ‘Do you think we should move the sex doll?’ before a client meeting…

If you haven’t seen it, here is the Man Chair video in all its glory:

The Man Chair


Thank you CIM for short listing us and well done team Browser Media!


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