LinkedIn rolls out new company pages

LinkedIn heralds the launch of the new company pages. Could this spell a new era for LinkedIn as THE b2b social networking platform?

You are reading: LinkedIn rolls out new company pages

To the delight of millions, LinkedIn has launched it’s new company pages.

This has come as very welcome news as the old company pages were very uninspiring and didn’t allow much personalisation at all.

On a recent blog post, Director & Product Management at LinkedIn, Ryan Roslansky said,:

“We are glad to provide companies a place on LinkedIn to showcase their products, services and associated recommendations. Company Pages will enable companies to build their brand through network-aware recommendations, giving members rich, credible insights into how any given product (or service) is perceived by their fellow professionals. We’re starting today with over 40 companies who now have their “Products and Services” tab enabled on their Company page. We’ll be rolling out this feature for all companies and small businesses over the course of this week.”

Here’s a glance at the new company page:

  LinkedIn company page  

As you can see, it allows much more personalisation than before and also looks much nicer.

This will give businesses a great opportunity to showcase their products and services to their network. By giving customers and employees the opportunity to become brand ambassadors, company pages can help a business to develop new business opportunities through word-of-mouth.

While Twitter and Facebook are getting all the headlines, LinkedIn is a very under-rated B2B tool.

With these new features, we expect to see more small businesses move over to LinkedIn and embrace it as their primary social network.

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