LinkedIn launches share button

LinkedIn have launched a new ‘share button’ allowing readers to easily share content from blogs and sites with their professional network.

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LinkedIn has launched it’s new ‘share button’, that will allow publishers, bloggers, and businesses to easily include a button on their site that lets readers and visitors “Share on LinkedIn”.

The share button comes in three flavours; vertical with a share counter, a smaller, horizontal button with the counter, or a horizontal button with no counter.

As shown below;

linkedin share

Adding a share button to your site or blog couldn’t be simpler. Just head to LinkedIn, select your preferred button and copy and paste the Javascript code in the the HTML of your page.

Liz Reaves Walker of LinkedIn blogged; “We know there are a lot of options for sharing content today, whether it’s on Twitter or Facebook. And, now with our new LinkedIn’s share button, we’d like to offer readers an effective way to share relevant professional content – news, thought pieces, white papers, or presentations on slideshare – with their business network on LinkedIn.

As a professional, we know the importance of staying up-to-speed on industry trends and business news and now we have made it easier for you to share that news and research with your team, clients, and peers from your favorite business news sites. Or, use LinkedIn share to get a conversation started with clients and colleagues you haven’t reached out to in a while.”

There are indeed already a million and one ways to share content across the web, however, LinkdIn is one of the few ways to easily share content with your professional network.

Great move, LinkedIn.


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