LinkedIn announces milestone – 100 million members

Business social network, LinkedIn announced a very big milestone today – 100 million members, and counting.

You are reading: LinkedIn announces milestone – 100 million members

LinkedIn announced a very big milestone today – 100 million members, and counting.

The ‘business social network’ was launched in May 2003 and has since been growing at a steady rate. It took LinkedIn six years to reach 50 million users, but it only took 18 months to double that.

Now, the company reports that it is growing at a rate of around one million new members every week.

So what does this mean for LinkedIn? Company CEO, Jeff Weiner blogged;

We’re making great progress toward our ultimate goal: to connect all of the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful”.

He continued;

“This isn’t just a big milestone for us – it’s also an important one for all of you, our members, who’ve helped build the LinkedIn network.  We’re most inspired that by connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale, we’re changing people’s lives in meaningful and sustainable ways.  Each of our 100 million members has a unique story – from finding a job, to recruiting talent, to sourcing new deals, and even starting a business.”

To celebrate this momentous milestone, members of the LinkedIn team have created an infographic that shows who, when and where people are using the service.

Some key statistics include;

  • 56% of LinkedIn’s users are outside of the US
  • The fastest growing country on LinkedIn is Brazil
  • The height of LinkedIn activity happens during the workday, peaking at around noon. Mobile usage, on the other hand, typically peaks around 8:00 p.m
  • There are almost 1 million teachers on LinkedIn; 20% of the site’s users work in the service sector, while 9% work in finance and another 9% are in the high-tech industry
  • eBay, Apple and Amazon are among the most represented companies on LinkedIn

You can see all of the stats in the infographic, which we’ve included below. Enjoy!


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