Is it possible to force Google to change its mind?

HELP WANTED. Can we force Google to change its mind? Browser Media are running a PPC experiment around a supposedly unpopular search term.

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We had a significant response to our post on what we referred to as a fundamental flaw on Google. Thank you for all those who contacted us directly and agreed with the frustration that this can cause and thank you to those sites that linked to the article.

Such was the response that we would like to do a mini test to see if it is in fact possible to force Google into changing its view on how popular a search term is.

We deliberately hid the actual search term in the last post as it was the priniciple that we wished to discuss, not a specific example. We now want to see if we can overcome the problem by asking you to undertake a search on a very specific search term to see if we can get the ad to show.

The search term in question is ‘mountain bike head cameras‘ (please feel free to click on that link as that will help us to track the volume of clicks that it may take to tip the balance).

As shown below, the keyword in question also has the maximum quality score and the only reason that it is not showing is that the search volume is deemed to be too low:


The PPC ads that are shown are for that phrase are triggered by more generic search terms, which as we discussed previously undermines the quest for relevant search results.

We would like to see if it’s possible to get the ad to show by getting more users to search for that specific term.

We are aware that the search term shows no evidence of being popular at all, but we have deliberately chosen a phrase that is unpopular for the purposes of the test – we want to make sure that any changes are a direct result of the apparent increase in searches for that phrase.

We respect your privacy and do not wish to ask for any contact details but would be very grateful if you could help with this small test by simply clicking on ‘mountain bike head cameras‘ (or running your own search for ‘mountain bike head cameras’) as we will then be able to report back with an update regarding whether this strategy works…

Thank you for your help.

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