Introducing the new Facebook profile

Facebook has announced the launch of its new profile pages. How will the Facebook community react to the new changes?

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Stop the press – Facebook has announced it’s new profile pages.

Facebook made the announcement via Twitter over the weekend, just hours after Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared on 60 Minutes – the popular US news network.

Users will notice two big differences; a bigger emphasis on ‘visual’ and a streamlined design to make it easier to find information you actually care about.

Here’s a few of the big changes;

Working our way down the page, the first noticeable difference is the that your ‘vital statistics’ (DOB, location, employer, education, relationship status etc.) are now displayed at the top of the page, just under your name.

new facebook profile

Underneath your vital stats is a photo stream, displaying the last five photos you were tagged in. Selected images can be removed so there’s an element of personalisation available here, and fear not, Facebook has assures this won’t affect your privacy settings.

Tabs that were once displayed along the top of your news feed are now listed on the left of the page, under your profile picture.

The tabs themselves are also much improved;

The ‘info’ tab is no longer an ugly bulk of text, but is instead made up of thumbnail images that give a visual representation of the user. Like so;

new facebook profile 2

The ‘Photos’ tab also has a sleek new look and now has a nice infinite scroll feature, meaning no more clicking of the ‘next’ button.

For a complete overview of all the new and improved features or to try the new profile for yourself, visit the Facebook info page.

There will no doubt be a degree of scepticism from Facebook users, who going on past experiences don’t fare well to change. But this looks to be a very good move from Facebook and thus far looks to offer an all round better Facebook experience.

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