How product videos can help boost online sales

An example of how good product images and videos can help boost online sales

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The world of e-commerce is a highly competitive one. Attracting people to your site is hard enough, but getting them to buy your products is a different challenge all together.

A recent blog post by Econsultancy -‘Why online retailers need product videos’ highlighted one retailer who has been using 360 product images and videos on his site.

Owner of The Simply Group, Gerrard Dennis has been experimenting with the effectiveness of videos and images on his websites, and has seem some very interesting results;

  • Gerrard found that some products sell better in certain colours. By including a colour option on the page, which allows you to see the product in every colour, sales increased three fold.
  • Having gathered feedback from customer services, Gerrard found that there is always an angle customers want to see products from that hasn’t been displayed. This led to the introduction of 360 degree rotating images on product pages. The addition of these product views led to a 20 percent rise in conversion rates for these product pages, and also led to a drop in the number of returns.
  • At the same time, Gerrard was looking at the possibility of using product videos for the simplypiste site. He uses videos shot with specialist advisors showing the different features of the products, much like the advice you might find in stores. You can see an example at The addition of product videos saw a sales increase of 25 percent a considerable reduction in returns.

As e-commerce sites go, the examples above are excellent. There are of course, many websites that use product videos but it’s the combination of good design, clear information and calls to action that work for The Simply Group.

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