How not to do email unsubscribe messages

Every now and then, I get wound up by things. This company should know better!

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I have just been spammed by a well know company. I have never used their online store and have no idea why I am on their mailing list.

Life is too short to worry about that, but I do always unsubscribe if I feel that an email a mild invasion of privacy, so I clicked on the unsubscribe link. All worked as planned but I was less than impressed by the confirmation screen, which is shown below:

Email Unsubscribe


I have blurred their name as it is nothing personal, but I can’t help but feel that the desparate pleas to get me to engage with their social channels are one of the reasons that people are getting social media fatigue.

First of all, I don’t think I have ever shopped with them, so how can I ‘continue to shop with’ them?

More importantly, why would I want to follow them on twitter of like their Facebook page when I am clearly not connecting with them right now. I have just unsubsribed from their email list, which would suggest that I don’t really want to hear from them.

I could give quite a few reasons why I won’t follow or like them, but really can’t be bothered.

Maybe the stats will prove otherwise and it is actually an effective method to drive social engagement, but my instinct tells me that the conversion rates will be horrifyingly low and that it is likely to do more harm than good.

To me, it smacks of advice from a social media ‘guru’ that getting people to like you on Facebook is an elixir to cure all business evils.

Call me a cynic (who me?!) but I think that it would have been better to say that they are sorry to see me go, ask for feedback regarding how they could have improved their emails and give the impression that they actually cared rather than to try and get me to inflate their social signals.

What do you think? Justifiable approach or do you agree that it appears desparate?

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