How do you market a brand in a dull / boring industry?

Insure your wife against common weaknesses. An excellent example of using creativity / inbound marketing to bring a dull topic to life.

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Boring Boring Boring I think that it is fair to say that most marketing agencies crave sexy consumer brands.

Working with the likes of Apple or Coca-Cola allows you to put nice logos on your site and attract the best staff, lured by the opportunity to work with exciting brands.

The reality is that not all clients operate in vibrant B2C industries and it can be hard to ‘sex up’ some products and services. In the wonderful world of content-led inbound marketing, this can create some real challenges as it is difficult to create fun, engaging content about a nebulous piece of machinery.

This is a challenge that we relish and we pride ourselves on the results that we have achieved for some of the ‘drier’ B2B clients that we work with.

I have just seen a fantastic example of a creative, fun approach to a fairly dull (just being honest…) industry that I wanted to share as I think it serves as a great inspiration for us all. It was nothing to do with us but deserves credit.

Drum roll please for Lifebroker’s wife insurance ‘product’:

Wife Insurance

Head on over to [site is sadly no longer alive….] to see it in its full glory as it is brilliantly executed and a  lot of fun. As the homepage points out:

Over 95% of men will experience changes in their wives at some stage, but only 3% will be able to afford, or tolerate, such changes. Sleep at night knowing that you and your family are safe, with 100% guaranteed Wife Insurance.”

The ‘education’ section is a personal highlight (countered nicely by the Husband Insurance section in case you were thinking it all sounds a bit misogynistic) but I think the whole site is excellent and a fantastic example of how you can have fun with life insurance.

Life insurance Any insurance is dull and not something that I find myself getting excited by, but Lifebroker have successfully made me smile and created an irresistible urge to share the campaign.

Proof that you can have fun with an otherwise dry subject and earn those ‘social signals’ by creating content that is truly engaging. Easier said than done, but I congratulate Lifebroker on a job extremely well done in this example!


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