Google’s contribution to the UK election

2010: The Internet Election. Conservatives dominate YouTube & Lib Dems fail during old school TV debates. Is this the future of UK Elections?

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There has been a lot of talk over the past weeks / months how the UK election 2010 has been the first ‘internet’ election (or even the first mumsnet election).

In our humble opinion, it has been slightly over stated and we would suggest that the TV debates (‘old school media’) were far more influential overall, although the surprising failure of the Liberal Democrat party does call this into question.

There were some interesting attempts to use the online channel to help the campaigns, such as the Conservative domination of Youtube yesterday, but it doesn’t feel as though it has had the effect that was seen in the US in Barrack Obama’s ascendancy.

We tweeted a couple of times during the electoral campaign about how using Google’s insights for search suggested some interesting possible outcomes, but the top entry in our ‘Top 10 contributions Google made to the UK election’ list was the logo used throughout the day yesterday:

Google's election day logo

We always like watching what Google is doing with the logo but this is a good one (albeit not new – it has been seen before), so thank you very much Google!

Unlike the incredible majority that Google enjoys, it looks as though the UK has no clear leader and only time will tell what sort of government we will end up with…

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