Google v. Apple

Google winner in annual brand competition

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Google has regained top spot in the annual brand competition run by Brandchannel.

In what is becoming an annual back and forth competition, Google has beaten Apple to emerge as the winner this year, demonstrating that the hype since going public in 2004 still hasn’t died down. Both Google and Apple have excelled on the innovation front with a seemingly unending stream of new products being launched in 2005, which may help explain their success in the poll.

Brandchannel runs the competition each year under the following conditions:

  • Readers are instructed to vote for the brands that had the most impact on them that year.
  • Impact is defined as good or bad. (Bad impact might be a brand like Enron.)
  • The study runs online and is open to the public during November and December.
  • Votes can be cast for up to five brands per region; respondents can only vote once per region but no section is mandatory.

Over 2500 people from 99 countries voted in the 2005 poll. The greatest number of voters fell in the age range of 26 to 35 year olds, with about a third more men voting as women.

Also interesting to note Skype appearing at number 3 – an incredible rise and perhaps a signal to traditional phone networks?

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