Google Updates Adwords Conversion Metrics

Google AdWords has updated its conversion metrics to report one conversion per click and the amount of conversions per click – Hooray!

You are reading: Google Updates Adwords Conversion Metrics

As a PPC management agency we know more than most that different campaign goals within Adwords need different success metrics.

For instance if an Adwords campaign was set up for an e-commerce site where conversions were purely based on financial transactions then if one click resulted in three transactions then this would ideally be reported as three conversions.

However if a website is not transactional and the conversions are based on leads, then if one click resulted in that person filling out a form three times then this would ideally be counted as just one conversion as the website owner is more likely to be interested in unique leads.

Currently, in the present version of Adwords, if one click results in multiple conversions then Adwords will report this as just one conversion, which isn’t ideal of those e-commerce campaigns.

However this is no longer an issue, as Google is now updating its conversion metrics within the new Adwords interface to report both conversions, one per click and also the amount of conversion per click.

This means that the usual ‘Conversions’ column within Adwords has been replaced by ‘Conversions (1-per-click)’, which records the clicks that have resulted in at least one conversion but shows it as just one conversion.

Also the ‘Transactions’ column has been replaced with ‘Conversions (many-per-click)’ so this column not only shows which clicks have resulted in a transaction but also the amount of conversions that particular click returned.

Overtime these metrics should also be added to Adwords Editor, Adwords API as well as the new Adwords interface.

Similarly, there are plans to update it’s conversion metrics for the display advertising with the release of view-through conversion tracking for campaigns on the content network.

Hopefully these enhancements will help with the management of the different types of campaigns and make the goals that are set more meaningful and significant.


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