Google Strikes Deal with Twitter

Following the example set by Bing, Twitter updates will now be shown in relevant Google searches giving users the most up-to-date info

You are reading: Google Strikes Deal with Twitter

Earlier this week it was announced that Google has finally made a deal with Twitter, to enable them to show Twitter updates in it’s search results pages.

Microsoft and Twitter reached an agreement sometime ago, so Bing is already showing Tweets as results on it’s SERPs and now Google has also managed to come to an arrangement with Twitter, meaning that in the coming months we will begin to see Tweets appearing for relevant searches on Google too.

Due to the demand for real time results, a phenomena started by Twitter, all search engines are trying to produce the freshest and up-to-date results and they have obviously realised that the best way to do this is to integrate Twitter posts into their results.

Google’s last effort to become more real-time was the introduction of its time filters, which meant that its search results could be filtered to see pages that had been updated within the last hour.

However in relation to Twitter this simply wasn’t quick enough, so in order to provide its users with what they are really looking for, Google will now be producing Tweets within its search results.

Google hopes that this will further increase the user satisfaction of its search engine, by delivering up-to-the minute results on current events. Meaning that when you are looking for information on a subject and want an update of what is happening there and then, say, weather conditions at your favorite holiday destination, you can search on Google and find tweets from other users who are there and commenting about it.


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