Google powers more than half of the world’s searches

Google powers over 31bn search queries worldwide this year. Yahoo still struggles to make any impact. Baidu shows greatest growth potential.

You are reading: Google powers more than half of the world’s searches

There were 61bn searches carried out worldwide in August this year, according to new statistics from comScore.

Google was used for over half of the searches, with the search engine powering 31bn search queries, while YouTube, which was acquired last year by Google, was responsible for 5bn searches.

The study by comScore looks at search activity worldwide, taking its stats from the world’s top 50 internet properties.

More than 750m web users aged 15 or above, which equates to 95% of the worldwide internet audience, carried out 61bn searches in August, which is an average of just over 80 searches per person.

Yahoo was next on the list, a long way behind Google, powering 8.5bn searches, while Baidu, which operates search engines in China and Japan, accounted for 3.2bn searches, which indicates the growth of web use in China.

According to Bob Ivans of comScore:

“Seeing Asian search engines like China’s and Korea’s NHN ranked alongside Google and Yahoo! underscores the fact that search has become a truly global phenomenon. The continued development of search in international markets will undoubtedly present compelling opportunities for savvy marketers on a global scale.”

Behind Baidu in fourth place was Microsoft, whose sites accounted for 2.1bn searches, with Korean search engine NHN next on 2bn.

The growth of online activity in Asia-Pacific is indicated by the fact that the largest number of unique searchers came from this region, with 258m web users conducting 20bn between them in August.

Europe was next, with 210m users making 18bn searches, while North America was third with 206m making 16bn searches.

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