Google launches new UK mobile search service

As Yahoo! announces job cuts in the UK, Google launches new and improved mobile search service.

You are reading: Google launches new UK mobile search service

Google has launched a new search engine for mobiles, with the company promising a faster service.

The service, which was launched in the US last year, is now available in the UK, Germany, Canada and France.

The mobile search service will combine normal web results with news, images and local listings.

According to Google:

“With the old search, you had to choose if you wanted the information from the whole web, an image, or news article etc, but now the service automatically chooses the most relevant pieces of information from all its sources.”

“The service can also improve local search enquiries, by remembering users’ recent search locations, so that they don’t have to retype their location for every search. The information is tailored to the user’s location.”

Google believes that mobile search is more effective for quickly finding information such as contact details for restaurants and cinema listings, rather than browsing.

The search engine giant predicts that mobile search will be a massive growth area, and has mobile engineering groups based in Canada, the company’s Mountain View HQ in California, as well as a team in London.

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