Google Launches iOS App for AdWords

Google has finally launched an AdWords app for iOS mobile devices, making it easy for AdWords users to check campaign performance and pause campaigns on the go. Read my review here…

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With Google banging on about how important mobile is and giving us stats on how long people spend on mobile devices, I’m sort of surprised this hasn’t been launched earlier, but it’s finally here – the new Google AdWords iOS app:

It’s free to download and easy to log in. If you have two step verification set up you will have to enter a code in order to log in and will receive an email saying that someone (you) has logged in from an iPhone, which is good for security purposes.

Once logged in you will see all the accounts in your MCC listed in front of you. You don’t see the top level data like you do on the desktop version, but can easily click through to the individual account that you wish to check on.

When clicking through to an account, you are greeted by a graph of impressions/clicks/CTR etc. of account level data. It’s easy to choose the different metrics to visualise, as well as the date range you wish to look at. You can also view pie charts of Network and Device, along with Click Type and Day of Week:

AdWords App - Networks AdWords App - pie charts

When looking at the table for campaigns/ad groups etc. it’s obviously very restricted due to the size of a mobile phone (I was viewing on an iPhone 5S) but you can easily scroll through the rows and columns and alter the columns that you view, even hide paused campaigns etc.

Looking at ad groups and keywords works in a similar way to the desktop version, although they are not tabs along the top but options beneath the graph and opportunities section, where Google suggests ways to improve the campaigns (be careful with these). You can see how many there are of each too:

AdWords App - Tabs

The app cannot be used to create new campaigns, nor can you even add new keywords, but it is good for viewing performance and it is possible to pause elements within the app and also update bids and budgets, which is handy.

When viewing the ads in your account, you cannot preview image ads or check final/destination URLs, but you can pause them if needs be.

Overall my experience with the app is positive – it’s a really useful addition to the AdWords family for advertisers and account managers when on the go, but if you need to make any major changes or additions you’ll need to locate a desktop or laptop in order to do so.

Have you used the app yet? What do you think? Let us know below…

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