Google launches Google Ads Editor v1.1

We take a look at some of the features that have been removed from the new Google Ads Editor, and one extremely annoying design fault that has sadly remained.

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At the end of last month we experienced issues accessing Google Ads Editor, luckily only for a day, but it now looks like it could have been because they were busy rolling out a new version – Google Ads Editor v1.1. Google claims that the new version is easier to use and has several new features that have been inspired by user feedback.

Here’s a few of the new features and things that have been removed and one extremely annoying design fault that has sadly remained:

Image Picker

This new feature makes it quicker and simpler to browse and choose images that have been uploaded and used previously, as well as selecting new ones from your desktop.

There are now also warnings and error checks displayed in the thumbnail of the image before it is selected. 

Simply click on the ad that you want to update in the Manage navigation on the left hand side and then select the +image icon:

For more information visit:

Exact Search

Google has altered the way that the search bar looks in this version of Editor too. Before the change, if you started searching for a campaign or ad group, Google would show ones that were similar, but didn’t necessarily contain the characters that you were searching for. For example, when searching for the term “dog accessories”, as you typed “dog acc” you might have seen campaigns/ad groups such as “dog bed” or “dog coats” appear. Now, you’ll just see terms like “dog accessories for westies” etc. This new feature is enabled as the default setting.

Dark mode

Another feature Google has added is the option to change Editor to “dark mode”. Simply click the sun/moon icon, pictured below, which can be found in the very bottom corner on the right hand side, and the background becomes black whilst the text becomes white, designed to help users’ eyes:

Sun/moon icon

They have also got rid of the following:

1. Destination URL

This means that ads that use destination URLs (instead of Final URLs) can no longer be edited or created in Google Ads Editor. It has been removed as an available column.

2. Dynamic search ads 

The old regular dynamic search ads (DSAs) have been removed, which are different from expanded DSAs. Advertisers will no longer be able to create new dynamic search ads, only remove old ones or edit their status and/or labels.

3. Responsive ads

Please note that these differ from responsive display ads, as these are still available. However, advertisers can no longer create responsive ads, only remove old ones or edit their status and/or labels.

For more information about the new, updated, and deprecated features in the latest Google Ads Editor visit:

The right-hand side edit bar

Back in March of this year, Google first introduced Google Ads Editor v1.0, which saw, in my opinion, the worst design fault to date – the right hand side edit bar. But unbelievably that is still there in v1.1:


This design element makes editing ads extremely agonising for users, especially if you want to look at the ads that you already have live, with lots of scrolling and making columns bigger and smaller. Why not just put it back at the bottom where there’s clearly more space for it.




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