Google gets musical

2 out of the top 10 searches performed on Google’s search engine are music related: MySpace and Lala to provide audio previews in search.

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Last week Google announced the launch of it’s new feature that now allows users to quickly and easily find relevant and up to date information on music related searches.

According to Google Insights, 2 out of the top 10 searches performed on Google’s search engine are music related, and up till now it could often take users a while to find the exact information that they were looking for.

However Google has now collaborated with both MySpace (which recently acquired iLike) and Lala, to create a new search feature that means that when a music-related search term is entered into Google’s search query box the results could now include music related information such as audio previews.

These audio previews have been provided by Google’s new partners; MySpace and Lala, and need to be clicked on by the user in order to then hear that preview. Links have also been provided by MySpace and Lala to places on the web where that particular song or album can be purchased.

Google says that many different music related search terms could eventually return these new results, whether it be an artist, song title or even by typing in part of the lyrics to a song.

This means that if you were to hear a song that you liked on the radio but didn’t catch the artist or song title, but could remember the lyrics to the chorus, then you could enter as much as you could remember into Google and hopefully find the song that you were looking for and a place to purchase it.

Google has also partnered with Pandora, ineem and Rhapsody, which means that links will also be available, on some music related searches, to other artists or songs that you might liked based on the search term entered.

Google is currently rolling this new feature out gradually across the U.S and says that it will take some time for the feature to work fully and produce these new types of results for all music-related searches.

However it hopes that by combining its algorithm with its new partners’ efforts, more and more of its results pages will show these new results for the majority of music related search terms and hopefully this will extend globally too.


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