Google and virtual reality travel information

Google and Volkswagen work together to develop new virtual reality travel information system.

You are reading: Google and virtual reality travel information

Volkswagen’s Electronics Research Laboratory (ELR) has been hard at work developing a new navigation system that uses data from Google Earth to generate 3D imaging of the route that you are driving.

As well as the 3D maps, the new system will offer enhanced traffic and route guidance updates. The real-time data is provided via a link to the internet, offering the traveller an incredible range of information.

It wouldn’t be Google if there wasn’t a search and the new system does not disapoint on this front – an integrated search function allows the traveller to find information specific to their route or their destination (e.g. hotel / restaurant information).

Whilst it is only a prototype, the new system does appear to be a leap forwards in the capabilities offered by in car satelite navigation systems and would be a welcome addition for frequent travellers.

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