Google Ads Editor v2.0 is here

A new version of Google Ads Editor (v2.0) is now live and it has some great new features. Find out all about them here.

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The end of last month saw the release of the latest version of Google Ads Editor, named v2.0. This new version hosts some new features, such as the ability to create and edit Performance Max campaigns, organise conversion goals and see an overview of your account performance, to name just a few.

Performance Max campaign support

After downloading the latest version of Editor users will be able to create and edit their Performance Max campaigns, a new type of campaign that was launched this year. Within Google Ads Editor v2.0 you can amend the usual campaign components; budgets, bid strategy, targeting etc and also ‘Asset groups’. An asset group is unique to Performance Max campaigns and is where the headlines, descriptions, images, logos, call-to-actions etc are added for these campaigns to use.

Find and set conversion goals

Amidst the ‘Shared library’ you can now find ‘Conversion goals’, which can then be used when editing the ‘Goal level setting’ with the campaign settings. When editing this for a campaign you can choose one or more of your conversion goals and set it at Account-level or Campaign-specific, which is great when you want your campaigns to be optimised for different goals:

conversion goals

New overview feature

Another new feature is the ‘Overview’ section, which shows an overview of performance at account or campaign-level over a chosen time frame:

Overview Editor
This section also has information about unposted changes, top policy and custom rules violations – these can be filtered by ‘errors’, ‘warnings’ or ‘errors and warnings’ – and summaries of how ad groups and keywords are performing.

My favourite features

There are several other new features, an exhaustive list of which can be found here. However a few of my favourites are:

  • New supported recommendations:
    • Fix your conversion tracking
    • Fix your conversion action with no activity
    • Fix your conversion action with a conversion rate drop
  • New sort feature for the ‘Manage’ section:

Manage Editor

This allows you to sort alphabetically or by what you have more of.

  • Asset report:

RSA asset report

This is much the same as what can be seen in the Google Ads interface, in the ‘View asset details’ section. It can now be found in Google Ads Editor v2.0 too by clicking the magnifying glass with the squiggle (next to the dustbin above).

Deprecated features

Another thing that I found when using this new version was the following error message:


“FEED_ERROR_LEGACY_EXTENSION_TYPE_READ_ONLY” this is because the old shared extensions are no longer supported and the new ‘upgraded’ ones have to be used. These include the following:

  • Shared callout extensions (upgraded)
  • Shared sitelinks (upgraded)
  • Shared structured snippet extensions (upgraded)
  • Shared promotion extensions (upgraded)


Have you tried this latest update yet? Let us know your thoughts below.

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