Gift ideas for the digital marketing geek

A few gift ideas that are sure to excite the geek in your life…

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With Christmas only days away, stress levels are reaching their annual high, fuelled partly by the last-minute dash for presents for your nearest and dearest.

We recently held our annual office ‘Secret Santa’ ceremony, in which we presented each other with hilarious, occasionally offensive gifts. This year we all bought each other mugs, which significantly lessened the usual decision making stress.

But it got me thinking, other than offensive drinking vessels, what else is out there for the digital marketer?

Here’s a few ideas that are sure to excite the geek in your life.

Google merch

From sunnies to stickers, hoodies to hacky sacks, Google has it all. Yes, even cycling shorts – the ultimate in geek-chic.



For a slightly more subtle approach, why not treat that someone special to a piece of geek-jewellery. Apple fanboys, take not note of this iNecklace, the ultimate gift for your Apple fangirl. It has built in LEDs and even ‘breathes’ like a proper Mac.


Geek kicks

These custom kicks from Brass Monki are cooler than a polar bear’s toenails. They’re also very expensive, so best kept indoors.


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Like and Dislike Stamps

Make your feelings that little bit less subtle by stamping your approval, or lack of approval on absolutely everything. And everyone.


Hand exerciser

The ultimate hand-strengthening accessory for the hardcore blogger/link builder/foosball pro.


Generic SEO apparel

Any of these HILARIOUS t-shirts will have your closest friends laughing with you, and everyone else laughing at you for being such a nerd.


Mobile office

For the desktop geek who can’t stop geeking. Who needs a convenient mobile device when you can have this real mobile office, spare chair and all.

desk1 desk2

USB cufflinks

If James Bond ever needed constant access to 8GB of data, he would probably wear these.


Wi-Fi detector clothing

What could be better than a hat or t-shirt that lights up when in the proximity of a Wi-Fi signal. Guaranteed to boost cool points by at least 200%.


Smartphone-friendly gloves

The humble winter glove is the touchscreen’s worst enemy, but add some “specially formulated conductive threads” to the forefinger and thumb and ‘voila’, smartphone friendly digits.


Admittedly, it’s a little late to start your Christmas shopping, and a few of the above items are just concepts. But I think they’re all brilliant. Please feel free to share your ultimate geek gifts below.

Merry Christmas!

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