Foursquare announces new features

Popular geolocation service Foursquare has announced some new features just in time for Christmas. These include comments and photos.

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Just in time for the Christmas holidays, geolocation giant Foursquare has rolled out some new features.

Due to popular user demand, Foursquare has announced the addition of photos and comments to the service, making it “more useful and social”.

These new features are available on the updated iPhone app and on

Users will notice the following features immediately;

  • “Comments make meeting up and exploring so much easier. Improve your day by telling a friend that you’re around the corner and they should swing by. And getting a last-minute comment reminding you to order the best dish saves your meal. (You can even comment on the website and from check-in links posted to Facebook and Twitter!)”
  • “Tips with photos changes everything. See dishes before ordering them, figure out if a venue looks fun, or easily identify a hard-to-find spot. More info = better exploration.”
  • “The past comes to life. You can visit your history page on to see all the places you’ve been, with photos and comments preserved. Remembering is more fun than ever.”

foursquare updates

As if these updates weren’t enough for you Foursquare-ers out there, Foursquare is also planning to launch more updates in the near future;

There are a couple features we weren’t able to fit in for this release but we’re working to launch soon. These include sharing photos (to Facebook and Flickr), an easier way to keep track of all the comments you’re getting, and a more useful place to store all your old photos (right now, it’s all on that history page). Stay tuned for those!”

These updates come as good timing considering the inevitable rise in check-ins over the Christmas break.

We’re looking forward to trying out these new features… sounds like a perfect excuse to go and check in at the pub!

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