Fairly pointless, but fairly cool…

Google Data Arts Team announce the Search Globe – a fun way to show what is going on across the globe. Good fun and a good reminder that not everyone is online.

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Whilst we hate the term ‘new media’, there is no doubt that one of the reasons we love what we do is the fact that there is a lot of new stuff going on all the time and brains around the world strive to create something fun and share it online.

It has to be said that a lot of the new apps / widgets / gadgets / whacky visualations you see are totally pointless if you are being brutally honest about it, it is still good fun and it is great to see people doing new things and reinventing what you can do online.

We have just come across one such novelty, thanks to the Google Data Arts Team (that sounds like a fun role…) which has created, and shared, the ‘Search Globe‘ which is a novel way of showing what is going on across the globe in the world of (Google) search:

Google Search Globe

In a nutshell, the search globe shows you search activity, by language, across the globe in the form of bursts of light (somewhat reminiscent of Google’s Nexus One opening sequence).

To be honest, there are no real surprises but it is a strong visual reminder of just how deep in the dark ages some areas of the world remain (notably Africa – no using your iphone to find the nearest Wagamama when you are stuck in the middle of the Sahara…).

As we said in the title of this post, it is fairly pointless but it is also fairly cool and a suitable entry for a random Friday post.

Please feel free to share similar novelties below – what has caught your attention recently?

***Cough..computer says no…search globe does not appear to be working at the moment…***

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