Dreaming of a white Christmas (part two)

The snow makes a full scale return and Browser Media is plunged into its former winter wonderland state once again.

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Our regular readers (there are millions of you – don't be shy!) will remember our post last year showing how our office had been transformed in the snow.

Unless you have been living in a cave with the most impressive media blackout known to man, you will have noticed that the weather has been on the chilly side this week and we have once again been plunged into an arctic wonderland.

No sun so far this week, unfortunately, so the photos are a bit murky but we wanted to share some images from the drive in this morning with you:

Browser Media Towers Drive

Browser Media in the snow

Browser Media Office

Braxted Park looks wonderful at any time of the year but the snow adds real magic. If you are passing by, drop in to say hello – we have warm drinks on offer!

If you are not passing, find an excuse and come and say hello anyway.

Who knows if it will last until Christmas but we hope it does.

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