Dogpile tops search engine customer satisfaction poll

Dogpile tops user satisfaction survey. Google comes in second but report shows that not everyone loves Google.

You are reading: Dogpile tops search engine customer satisfaction poll

Meta-search engine Dogpile has been ranked highest in an online customer satisfaction survey, topping the poll for the second year running.

The Residential Online Service Customer Satisfaction Study was carried out by JD Power, with 10,787 residential internet users interviewed about their search engine usage.

The poll looked mainly at customer satisfaction with the various search engines, and scored well for functionality, ease of use, and the quality of its results.

Dogpile earned a score of 818 out of a possible 1000. Google was next on 794 points, followed by on 784, Yahoo on 760 and MSN on 755.

Dogpile aggregates results for its users from Google, Yahoo! Search, Live Search,, and other search engines. Dogpile claims that it can search 50% more of the web than any single search engine

According to Frank Perazzini of JD Power:
“Dogpile continues to differentiate itself from its competition in two key ways.  First, Dogpile’s meta search capabilities provide a one-stop search experience for internet users by aggregating the results of many of the major search engines simultaneously.”

“Second, users report that they are particularly satisfied with the limits that Dogpile places on the amount of paid advertising that accompanies search results.”

As well as measuring customer satisfaction, the report found that the number of people using search engines has increased, from 66% in 2006 to 70% in 2007. Google remains the most popular search engine in the survey, with 58% of respondents using it.


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