Did you get engaged at Christmas?

Did you get engaged at Christmas? Why is it that so many people get engaged at Christmas?

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One of the greatest appeals of working at an agency rather than client-side is the ability to work on a number of different clients in different industries / sectors.

At Browser Media, we are privileged to work with a wide range of clients, which gives us great exposure to digital marketing data / statistics from a variety of different websites and thereby helps us learn and benefits all clients.

Every so often, we see statistics that really stand out and tell an interesting story. We want to share one such story with you today, which has become apparent in the course of preparing reports for December 2010.

We currently work with two wedding venues (no conflict as one is in Essex and one in Somerset…) and have been reminded of the influence of Christmas on searches for wedding venues.

The following extract from a report shows the massive rise in wedding venue related searches after Christmas Day:

Wedding Venue Search Activity

*Exact figures have been obscured but the surge in interest represents a ten fold increase when comparing the week prior to Christmas and the following week.

We have seen this before but had forgotten quite how much activity picks up and it is clearly not isolated to our client sites, judging by data from Google Insights for Search:


There is clearly a massive spike each year after Christmas (although it would appear that the overall popularity of the search is gradually decreasing year on year since 2004?) which would suggest that Christmas has to be the most popular time to get engaged.

We are not sure if this is surprising or not – we would have expected to see Valentines day show a bit of a surge but Christmas is the clear winner.

Why is it that Christmas is such a popular time to get engaged? We welcome your thoughts / comments / views below but here is a poll for the new year that we hope you enjoy:



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