Create quick and simple, free videos with YouTube Video Builder

Are you looking for a free tool to create some short video ads? Then look no further as YouTube Video Builder is here.

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Google is currently beta testing a new tool that allows advertisers to create short video ads, free of charge, called YouTube Video Builder. As the tool is still in beta testing you have to request access, which can be done here:

This new tool is great for those smaller businesses that don’t have the budget for top-end film crews or videographers, or companies that don’t have the need for a big production. It’s ideal for those times when a message can be portrayed using some simple images and text, and it’s a simple and easy, and free, tool to do that with.

In short, the YouTube Video Builder allows advertisers to create a video from static assets, such as images, text and logos, and add some music to it to create a short video. The video can be customised, with different layouts, colours, fonts etc and you end up with a 6 or 15 second video (depending on which one you choose) that conveys your chosen message and/or goal.

To see how the tool works, watch this 2 minute video:

How to get started

In order to be able to create a video there are a few requirements you need:

  • Your sign up email address must be linked to a Google account
  • Access to a YouTube channel
  • Legal rights to all images and logos
  • The latest version of Chrome

But once you have those things you are good to go!

To create your first video you need to:

  • Visit in Chrome (if you see an error message this is because you do not have access yet and will need to apply here:
  • Once you are in you’ll see several layouts to choose from for showcasing, introducing or featuring your brand/app for example. Simply choose the one that is most relevant to your business/product. Each one requires a different number of images, text etc, so pick one that suits the assets you have available.
  • Choose a primary colour and a text colour, based on your branding
  • Upload your logo
  • Upload images (max image size is 2MB) – the number of images you need will depend on which layout you choose
  • Add text, this might be your company strapline, a call to action, your web address etc. There are only a small number of characters available so something short and snappy.
  • Choose a font from the catalog
  • Choose some music from the library
  • Click create video
  • Save your video and upload it your YouTube channel

I’ve had a play around with the tool and as long as you’ve got some nice images to use, in the right sizes (these vary depending on which layout you choose) and formats (JPG or PNG) it’s nice and easy to use. Simply plan out what you’d like to say within the video; choose some images that portray your message, write some catchy straplines to go with them and it is surprising what you can create in such a short space of time.

Like with Google Ads, there are character limitations for text for each slide etc, so sometimes it can be difficult to say exactly what you want to say, but with some thought and playing around of ideas you can create a 6 or 15 second video very quickly.

For more information about about corporate video and content marketing see:

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