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Browser Media works with Endemol UK on new citizen journalism project – I Was There

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Following the success of earlier projects, Browser Media is pleased to extend its relationship with Endemol, the company behind Big Brother, with a new project for a fascinating new programme called ‘I Was There : The People’s Review 2006’.

The show is a news review show that looks back on the big stories of 2006 as through the lens of the general public. In recognition of the growing phenomenon of ‘citizen journalism’ and the meteoric rise in use of mobile phones to record videos, the show will provide a unique view of the major news events of 2006. 

Browser Media is working with the Endemol team to help promote the project through online channels. Using a combination of search engine marketing and viral marketing, Browser Media will help raise the profile of the show in order to attract budding citizen journalists who have footage that can be featured in the show.

Do you have footage of a special event of 2006 on your mobile phone or home movie camera? Were you at the right place at the right time to snap the news as it was happening? If so, Endemol want to hear from you. Contributors will be paid for any footage used in the final programme.

To find out more, go to or contact the team at

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