Christmas Adverts: A Re-Match

Christmas is here, and so are the adverts. But who’s is the best? See our roundup and decide for yourself.

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The last ember of the bonfire has barely gone out, but now, of course, it’s time for all things Christmas! Last year I did a round-up of the adverts released by all the top retailers, so it seems fitting that I take a look at what they’ve come up with this year. Not all have been released yet, but here’s a look at the first out of the stalls. Which is your favourite?

The Supermarkets’ Christmas Adverts


Following Ruth Jones and Ben Miller as the parents from the supermarket’s new family into the festive season, I tend to agree with a number of comments I’ve seen that this is perhaps the most realistic Christmas advert to ever grace our screens.


Asda has created a series of Christmas adverts this year, under the title ‘Christmas made better’, using each one to promote a particular festive product or category in a way that everyone can relate to. My personal favourite? ‘Toys worth behaving for’.

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot

Using the classic ‘the night before Christmas’ poem, Aldi brings the festive season to life with a cute carrot character.

Sainsbury’s, Lidl and Waitrose

Sadly trailing a little behind competitors this year, keep your eyes peeled for adverts from these brands over the next few days as speculators predict releases mid-month.

Retailers’ Christmas Adverts

John Lewis #BusterTheBoxer

Following the trusty animal theme, John Lewis has decided not to aim for the heart strings this year, but has instead used cuteness and plot twists to bring a smile to your face.

Again, John Lewis gets marketing brownie points for creating a campaign that utilises multiple channels – including new VR technology – and allows fans to get involved in numerous ways both online and offline. Even the shameless commercialisation of the option to ‘shop Buster and friends’ is somewhat mitigated by the brand’s donation of 10% of the price of the cuddly toys to The Wildlife Trust, and offering educational resources for those interested in learning more about Britain’s wildlife.

House of Fraser

Another in the brand’s dance-tastic series of ads, this dramatic advert features a contemporary soundtrack and does a great job that no matter how hard you might try, you can’t escape Christmas.


Although perhaps a little materialistic, this is a nice tongue-in-cheek advert that gives a fun twist to the Christmas post-lunch family-walk.

TK Maxx

Contrary to most of the comments, I like this advert. It’s pretty weird, but makes a nice change from the usual ‘look at all this stuff you can buy’. It probably wouldn’t persuade me to shop at TK Maxx for Christmas gifts, mostly because my local branch feels reminiscent of the junk yard in Labyrinth, but it’s quirky vibe made me smile.


Focusing on speed and convenience (presumably for those that leave their shopping until the last minute) this Dr Seuss-esque advert features weird furry creatures with enviable ice skating skills.


Debenhams is letting the gifts talk for themselves in their ‘Found It’ advert, using the voices of celebrities such as Jennifer Saunders, Ewan McGregor, and Mel Giedroyc.

Debenhams Christmas Advert 2016 | #Foundit for a fabulous Christmas


Last year Boots focused on mums. The heartwarming advert showed a family all getting up in the middle of the night to gather and welcome mum home from her night shift as a nurse at the local hospital, therefore celebrating Christmas together.

This year, the brand gives the ‘Gift of Beauty’ to inspirational women across different industries who give up their Christmas Day to support their communities. Complete with narration from women featuring in the advert and ‘Everybody’s Free’ soundtrack, this is arguably the only tearjerker so far!

#BootsChristmas TV advert 2016 - the gift of beauty

Marks and Spencer

No sign of this year’s advert from M&S, but no doubt it will be hot on the heels of competitors – watch this space!

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