Browser Media launches USA office

It is time to don the Stetsons… We welcome an old friend to the team and put boots on the ground stateside.

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I am really excited to welcome Aleks Szymanski to the team as Chief Strategy Officer, US and announce the official launch of Browser Media’s presence in the USA.

Browser Media USA

Aleks is an old friend of Browser Media and has experienced the agency as a partner when he ran Itineris, and as a client, as CEO of Scrypt Inc and now the founder of Tennisletics.

Browser Media is no stranger to the USA and approximately 30% of our turnover was derived from our American clients last year. These clients recognise both our proven expertise and the cost benefits of using a digital agency in the UK. I have wanted to establish a more formal presence in the USA for some time, but have been waiting for the right person to lead Browser Media stateside.

Following the successful trade sale of Sfax, the stars (and stripes?) have aligned and Aleks now has the time to help grow our business in the USA. Aleks will be our boots on the ground in the wonderful city of Austin, Texas. He will be responsible for the strategy and management of successful projects for clients in America, utilising our team based in the UK.

Aleks says, ”Having experienced both being a partner and a client, I know what a great agency Browser Media is. A team of true professionals, with a fervent desire to deliver outstanding results for their clients, in an ethical way. They punch way above their weight and are a huge asset to any organisation undertaking any digital marketing activity. I am thrilled to be joining the team and look forward to representing Browser Media in the USA.”

Browser Media has been headquartered in the UK since 2005 and that isn’t changing. We remain a fiercely proud British limited company. I believe that this move will help both UK and US clients. Organisations in the USA can benefit from our team’s skills and experience whilst our physical presence in the USA, along with Aleks’ experience of US business will allow us to help UK businesses who wish to penetrate that market.

An exciting time for Browser Media and we look forward to continuing our work with clients on both sides of the pond.

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