Bing Results to Include Tweets

Bing’s new real-time results will now include tweets from the 1,000 most prolific tweeters. Set to roll out within the next few days.

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A week or so ago, Bing revealed that it is coming up to date and will now be including real-time results in it’s SERPs on a selection of searches that are performed on their new and improved search platform.

Since Twitter was launched, it has continued to grow at a phenomenal rate with users loving the concept of knowing what others are doing and being keep up to date in real-time.

This new concept and i’s obvious popularity has lead search engines to strongly consider using real-time data within their results pages for searches performed on current affairs and events that are happening in the world and that people want to read about.

By taking on board customer feedback and listening to what their users want, Bing has realised that there is a real demand for current and up-to-date results, so are now integrating this concept into their algorithm.

To start this integration they will now be including Tweets from the most prominent and prolific Tweeters within their search results.

This means that if a user searched for a particular individual, that is a very influential Twitterer in the world of business or a more general field, that is followed by a vast number to fellow Twitterers, then you could expect to see their latest Tweets within the results.

At present searches for the person’s name do have to be entered in association with Twitter in order to see these latest Tweets. For instance if a user searched for “Ryan Seacrest Twitter” or “Kara Swisher Tweets” or “@Algore” they would see their latest tweets with the option to ‘see more tweets’ from that individual.

To start with, Bing will only be indexing around 1000 of the top, most prolific Tweeters, based on their level of followers and their consistency and volume of tweets and they will be using Twitters public API to unearth them.

Bing have said that this new feature will slowly be rolling out over the next few weeks, and does not seem to be here as yet, but should only be a matter of time.


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