Big Cats in the UK

Browser Media works with Endemol UK to find big cats in the UK.

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Browser Media has been selected by Endemol UK / Five to promote the newly launched website.

The website will be a crucial tool in promoting the initiative to find big cats in the UK. For almost a century, there have been numerous reports of big cats in Britain but there is very little documented evidence to support such claims.

Five is looking for possibe case studies and is on a quest to find the big cats that have so far evaded the cameras. The new website, launched in late June 2006, will offer a wealth of information on big cats in the UK and will allow users to submit details of their own sightings.

Having proven the level of interest in big cats in the UK through extensive keyword research, Browser Media is managing a PPC campaign to drive traffic to the site in the shortest possible time.

The paid search activity is being supported by a link building campaign to help attract additional targeted traffic to the site and to ensure the longer term objective of achieving high organic rankings across the major search engines.

Have you seen a big cat in the UK or do you know anyone that has? If so, have a look at the new big cat search website and send in the details!


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