And the winner is…

The Browser Media Fantasy Football League – much more exciting that the ‘real’ premier league! Who won?

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premiere league cup Beam yourself back to July 29th last year and you will of course remember the launch of our fantasy football league challenge.

Little did we all know what an amazing season was ahead of us. I am very much a part time football fan (will happily watch Match of the Day but my football knowledge is challenged by my 4 year old son) but really enjoyed the 2011/12 premier league season and can’t remember such an exciting competition.

I have to confess to being more of a red man than a blue, so was a bit gutted that a certain Argentine (did you know that Maradona is his father in law?) pipped us to the post in the season’s dying moments, but you cannot deny that the season provided constant twists and turns and a spectacular final few minutes. I suspect it will be a while before that happens again.

Exciting though it was, it pales into insignifance when compared to the ‘thrill-a-minute’ that was the Browser Media fantasy football league!

‘AthleticoBM’ (me!) had a strong start to the season and enjoyed momentary command at the top of our league but ‘Hawking’s Shinpads’ (managed by Matt Batterham) soon took over the bragging rights and ruled the roost for the majority of the season.

‘ER Legends’ (managed by Andy Bardell) mounted a constant challenge to ‘Hawking’s Shinpads’ and toppled his reign towards the end of March but Ashleigh Brown’s ‘The Dizzee Rascals’ proved to the be the real dark horse of the season.

Never far from the top but never making too much noise* (Matt wouldn’t keep his mouth shut…), ‘The Dizzee Rascals’ executed a final push that rivaled Aguero’s sense of timing and stormed to pole position with only a handful of games to go.

Despite some nailbiting challenges from ‘ER Legends’, Ashleigh stood firm and I can officialy congratulate ‘The Dizzee Rascals’ on being the inaugural champions of the Browser Media Fantasy Football League.

Well done Ashleigh and I hope the balloon flight** goes well. We will look forward to hearing about it and make sure you take a camera.

I don’t know if there is going to be a fantasy league for the Euro Championships but we will be back next year for more premier league action. We would love to see more ‘foreign’ teams in the mighty Browser Media League (although we whupped you this year – Andy’s ‘ER Legends’ being the obvious exception) so watch this space and make sure that you sign up next year. Be there or be square.

In the meantime, pop in if you are passing and challenge us to a game of table football. We have a regular cup on Friday but always happy to take on a challenge. You can’t be French though as you are likely to be too good…

*It turns out that the lack of noise was partly due to an element of outside assistance. We all listen to advice, but it turns out that Ashleigh’s fountain of knowledge manages on online football fantasy league! Drogba-esque cheating…

**We will forgive Ashleigh’s use of the mole as she is taking him with her on the balloon flight. Sounds very fair to me.

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