And the award for Britain’s best loved digital brand goes to…

Which digital brands are getting the most love in the UK?

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Every brand out there is competing for their slice of the digital pie, a big part of which is social media. But having a social presence is one thing, being loved by your followers is something quite different.

So which digital brands are getting the most digital love in the UK? According to the ‘Brand Love 25’ report by Tamar, the top 10 loved digital brands, along with ranking factors are as follows:


Image via Econsultancy

Congratulations ASOS.

As well as being the UK’s most loved ‘digital brand’, ASOS also performs excellently against other multichannel retailers when it comes to number of Facebook fans. In a recent(ish) study by Econsultsncy, ASOS  was fourth in the Facebook fan numbers league, only behind highstreet giants Topshop, New Look and River Island.

What actually defines ‘most loved’ is a little hazy but as far as we can tell from the image above it’s based on a number of metrics including Facebook fans, Twitter followers and revenue.

Facebook fans and Twitter followers do go some way to determine popularity but as we all know numbers alone only tell part of the story. So although this information is interesting and ASOS probably are deserved winners, perhaps it’s more ‘most followed’ than ‘most loved’.

As a digital brand it’s essential that online marketing efforts, including social media, are second to none – bigger online community means more eyes and ears on your marketing messages, and trust, or ‘love’, earned through these communities can lead to invaluable, long-lasting customer relationships.

On top of this, it’s suggested that 55% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook. Make of that what you will, but it’s safe to say that a big, well managed online presence is ultimately a good thing.

The complete list of top 25 loved digital brands in the UK can be seen in the ‘Brand Love 25’ infographic below.

Are there any digital brands not on this list that you think deserve some love? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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