8-bit your browser like it’s 1982

A new Mac OSX application – Pixelfari, allows you to browse the web in 8-bit. It’s like 1982 all over again.

You are reading: 8-bit your browser like it’s 1982

There’s nothing quite like a dose of 80s tech nostalgia.

So we were delighted when we came across Pixelfari – a superb little Mac OSX application that customises your Safari browser and allows it to render all of your favourite websites in 8-bits.

Pixelfari has been attracting a lot of love on the blogosphere this week, capturing the attention of tech bloggers everywhere.

Here’s how it looks;

*Cue Zelda theme-tune*


The application is brainchild of Neven Mrgan, the man behind retro-style platform games The Incident and Gravity Guy.

For a dose of chunky fonts, blocky graphics, and a general sense of giddy inefficiency, click here to download Pixelfari for free. Trust us, it’s great fun and much easier than stumbling around your attic looking for your old Super Nintendo.

Have a good weekend!

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