5 social media quick wins

Managing various social media accounts can take a lot of time and effort. These are some quick wins that will help boost your social presence in minutes.

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There are countless ways you can tweak your social media profiles in an attempt to help grow your online presence, however, most tactics take a lot of planning and research to get real results.

Since the majority of us don’t have an abundance of time to dedicate to fine tuning our social media profiles, here are some of some quick win tips.

1. Be smart when scheduling

Knowing the best time of day to share your content is crucial to the success of any social media strategy. You could be sharing amazing, valuable information that your followers would love to read, but if you are sharing it at the wrong time of day it’s highly likely they won’t see it.

There’s a lot of research out there discussing the best time to post on each social media channel, and while these studies offer a good starting point, the findings are not set in stone. You need to work out when your followers are most active and share your posts around these times, however, this is a time-consuming task.

A quick fix is to start scheduling your posts for the times when you know people are more likely to be scrolling through their phones and using social media. Take a look at your own habits – this is probably first thing in the morning, during morning or evening commutes, at lunchtime, and straight after work.

2. Consistency is key

Ensuring consistency across all of your social media accounts will help your followers to recognise your account when scrolling through their newsfeeds. The easiest way to do this is to use the same image across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc so your followers will soon be able to quickly recognise your profiles.

Additionally, ensuring the name you use is as close to your brand name as possible and key information is consistent across various platforms will make your profiles easier to find and for potential followers to quickly recognise and interact with your accounts.

3. Make the most of your colleagues

Encouraging your colleagues to share and interact with company posts will help increase your reach and potentially give you access to a new audience. Make it easy for them by drafting up a few example updates that they can use, give them the appropriate links and images to accompany the posts. By making the whole process easier for your colleagues they are more likely to spend a few minutes sharing your amazing content. While it is unlikely everyone will share everything all the time, it’s definitely worth asking.

4. Vary your content

Keep your followers interested and engaged by sharing a variety of content. If you always share blog posts or long text heavy articles your followers are likely to get bored and lose interest. By sharing posts in a variety of formats such as images, infographics and videos, you are better positioned to keep your followers interested and it will also help your posts stand out on their busy timelines.

5. Pinned posts

Trying to make your content stand out in a busy, competitive newsfeed is a difficult task. You could spend hours, even days, producing the best piece of content for it to end up getting lost in your follower’s timelines. This can be avoided on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as you can ‘pin’ your favourite post to the top of your timeline and will be the first thing anyone sees when they go to your profile. Pin a post that promotes a great piece of content, that could be either be an important message, landing page, blog post, or video. This is a quick and easy way to boost the engagement on a particular post.

Quick fixes with great results

There are tons of easy ways to improve your social media presence, however, they can often take a lot of time. These are just 5 examples of small changes you can make right now to help increase your social media presence. Just making a couple of small tweaks to your social media accounts today can lead to some really positive results in the long run.

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