5 podcasts for techie digital marketers

A look at five podcast episodes, perfect for any digital marketer looking to expand their knowledge of the technology we rely on, and how it affects the world around us.

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I listen to a lot of podcasts, and some of my favourite listens are episodes that cover topics related to marketing from people outside of the industry. This gives me a valuable perspective of how non-marketing professionals interact with the technology we rely on, and how it affects their lives; such as how people really feel about online privacy, the level of trust users have for social media, and how much computers dictate a lot of what goes on in the world.

In short, here are five episodes from some top podcasts that have helped me step away from the digital marketing landscape and see the bigger picture.

In no particular order… enjoy!

1. Note to self – Your Metadata is Showing

We talk about website metadata quite a bit in digital marketing as it forms an important part of SEO. But this podcast takes a look at the metadata of photos, or Efix data to be accurate, and how it can reveal pretty much everything about a person; from where they live, who they are, and even their choice of mobile network provider.

What’s more, there are a number of tools available which can help stitch seamlessly harmless data together, and paint a bigger picture of what’s going on. This podcast is a real eye opener into how images reveal far more than simply what they show, something which will no doubt become an incredibly powerful marketing tool in the future.

Verdict: This episode of Note to Self covers a topic digital marketers really should be keeping an eye on. We all know this data exists and how location recording and targeting happens, but knowing why leads to some very exciting questions.


2. Reply All – Is Facebook Spying on You?


At Reply All, listeners call in with technical issues and the hosts attempt to solve them. In this episode, a listener contacts them concerned that Facebook was spying on them through the microphone of their smartphone, something I imagine many Facebook users have been questioning for years, as the platform’s advert targeting appears to be eerily accurate. But is Facebook really listening to your conversations or is there something else going on?

This podcast is well worth a listen to really understand the power of Facebook, and how its reach goes far beyond the realm of its own platform. Quick question: what do you know about the Facebook Pixel?

Verdict: This podcast is an easy listen, very insightful good fun but takes a look into a serious topic. The detective nature of this episode keeps you entertained and provides answers.


3. Chips with Everything – Algorithm + Data

Listen here

Chips with Everything is a digital culture podcast produced by The Guardian. This episode takes a close look at algorithms and how they are becoming more and more prominent in our lives.

Algorithms form a large part of digital marketing as search engines rely on them, which means the majority of the modern world relies on them too. But the podcast goes beyond this and takes a look at how algorithms can do so much more than pick which sites appear highest in SERPs – they can save lives, predict patterns, and even create art.

Verdict: This is a fantastic podcast for those looking to improve their understanding of what an algorithm really is. It can be a little tech heavy, but real life examples really help to highlight the power of an algorithm.


4. Reply All – Lost in a Cab

Reply All is here again, but this one looks at Google results pages and how the listings found in them are not always genuine. Much like the previous episode I mentioned, a listener reaches out to the team at Reply All with a concern over a camera they left in a NYC cab and the actions taken to get it back. Naturally, the listener turns to Google first and finds an answer straight away. At least, that’s what they think.

This episode packs extra weight as one of the hosts discusses how they fell victim to a scam in Google’s search results.

Verdict: Overall, another great episode from Reply All, but this comes with a little shock as the hosts uncover the power of SERP scamming, and how much it is happening. If I am honest, I pretty much recommend every Reply All episode ever made, so if you like ‘Is Facebook Spying on You?’ then you’ll love this one.


5. Science(Ish) – Hackers

Listen here

This podcast takes a slightly different slant to the others reviewed in this list, as it looks at the science behind popular culture. It’s a little more adult (Rick Edwards is one of the hosts) than the rest and it is not strictly tech, more sci-fi. However, this particularepisode is about waking up to the digital world around us and grasping cyber security.

This episode makes my list as marketing does play its part in cyber security, as even tricking a user to interact with a spammy email could be considered a form of marketing. What’s more, security issues across the globe have led to consumer scepticism, making digital marketing just that little harder. Hello, GDPR…

Verdict: This episode will make you laugh and teach you about some very serious, topical issues surrounding online security.  

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