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Tom Bloomfield, Bloomfield Grey Bloomfield Grey
Libby Phillipps, Q4 Bathrooms Q4 Bathrooms
Adrian Durow, Unpuzzle Unpuzzle
Kathryn Middleton, Lyco Group Lyco Group


✔ Honest

We will be your critical friend, on your side but always truthful and candid.

✔ Transparent

You will never be in the dark about the work we’re doing or the results that we are achieving.

✔ Tenacious

We love a challenge and will strive relentlessly to make things happen.

✔ Expert

No cutting corners or harmful shortcuts, our team will only give you best practice advice.

✔ Delightful

Not content with simply getting the job done, we will exceed your expectations.

✔ Humble

Instead of blowing our own trumpet, we put all our energy into focusing on your work.