Have you been hit with a Google Penalty?

It will feel as though the bottom has fallen out of your world and it is natural (although wrong) to panic.

We would love to help you recover from the penalty and restore sleep to your nightly regime. It will take time and hard work, but it is possible to diagnose and reverse a penalty.

Depending on the severity of your penalty and the number of links that need to be assessed, you should expect a realistic timeframe of 3-6 months before you are likely to recover.

Whilst all projects will be different and we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ pricing model, a typical project will involve the following steps:

  • review of Search Console account
  • review of previous SEO activity
  • review of existing links
  • classification of links to identify toxic links
  • link removal attempts for all toxic links
  • preparation of disavow file where necessary
  • assistance with reconsideration request where necessary
  • development of future link building / content strategy

Whilst nobody is able to guarantee success within a specified timeframe, we will guarantee a real commitment to solving your SEO headaches.

If you believe that you are suffering from a google penalty, we offer an independent link analysis to give you an objective review of your link profile. This will confirm whether toxic links are likely to be causing the drop in rankings.

There is no commitment and the initial consultation will naturally be free of charge.


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