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Joe Friedlein

Scribbler – what a perfect client to work with and have some fun!

As well as being enjoyable to work with such a deliberately rude / edgy brand, this was one of the earlier examples of the power of content marketing.

I was really proud to see us smash the targets that had been set and feature in Hubspot’s round up of inspirational inbound marketing work. It also explains why we have a set of antlers hanging on the wall in the meeting room…

Joe Friedlein
Founder & Managing Director

The Challenge

Browser Media was briefed by Scribbler to develop a digital campaign for spring 2013 that would deliver measurable results for the company’s online business by engaging Scribbler’s core market: tech and social-media savvy, young professionals with a disposable income.

The challenge was to create an enduring appeal for the brand that would extend beyond the major calendar events and result in repeat purchases.

The aims and objectives were clear; to increase brand awareness, traffic and revenue in a highly competitive B2C market, with a softer goal of positioning Scribbler as ‘a leading provider of designer, entertaining and rude greeting cards for all widely-known occasions and life’s unforgettable moments’.

Our Approach

To create brand loyalty and enduring appeal amongst its customers, Scribbler needed to ‘earn’ the attention of its target audience and therefore an integrated inbound marketing strategy was identified as being the most appropriate approach.

Our strategy focused on Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day, and each calendar event was divided into three distinct stages:

  • Technical audit / on-page optimisation techniques to:
    • Increase natural search visibility
    • Improve customers’ on-site experience
    • Provide a more efficient, enjoyable checkout process
  • Creation of engaging / shareable content:
    • Valentine’s Day vouchers (with a cheeky twist)
    • #LoveIs competition / e-book
    • Man Chair video
    • Blog posts
    • Email
  • Online outreach to:
    • Take Scribbler’s brand, and humour, to new customers
    • Build a base of brand champions amongst third parties, eg blogging communities
    • Provide more captivating content to enhance Scribbler’s existing social channels

In addition to the organic work, we used tactical PPC campaigns to boost traffic and revenue.


Whilst Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day acted as the drivers for the project, the digital marketing initiatives delivered a tangible increase in performance metrics during ‘off-season’ months.

Year on year growth for 1 – 31 July 2013 included:

  • Increased visits by 135% (target : 50%)
  • Increased conversions by 151% (target : 40%)
  • Increased revenue by 188% (target : 40%)
  • Over 2,500 views on YouTube
  • Increased ROI on paid search by 71% (target 25%)

In addition, Hubspot, one of the world’s leading resources on digital and inbound marketing, featured the Valentine’s Day campaign in their article ‘5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns That’ll Warm Your Heart’.

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Browser Media understood the Scribbler brand, created some great campaigns which ultimately generated new customers for us. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

Emily Ridgewell (eCommerce Manager, Scribbler)