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Joe Friedlein

Scandinavian Airlines was Browser Media’s first ever client, so will always have a special place in my heart.

This project really showed how powerful paid search can be for driving highly targeted traffic and revenue, with an impressive ROI.

Operating in a fiercely competitive area, I was thrilled to be able to deliver £75 in revenue for every £1 spent on media.

Joe Friedlein
Founder & Managing Director

The Challenge

Working in partnership with Aqueduct, Browser Media was approached by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) to discuss using paid search to drive online traffic and increase online ticket sales.

The brief was straightforward – drive as much targeted traffic as possible to help increase ticket sales on the SAS website.

Our Approach

Initial budgets for the paid search activity were fairly modest, so Browser Media undertook extensive keyword research in order to identify the full range of keywords being used in relation to the routes being operated by SAS and to analyse which keywords would be likely to be the most cost effective.

A large number of campaigns were created on both Google and Yahoo! platforms and a fully outsourced PPC management service was provided. Consistent route-based ad groups are added to by sporadic micro campaigns to support new initiatives such as special fare promotions.

Following the early success and demonstration that PPC can deliver highly targeted traffic, Browser Media worked with SAS to implement a robust analytics solution to ensure that all sales are tracked and true ROI calculations can be made, thereby ensuring that budget is continued to be used to best effect.


The paid search campaigns have been extremely successful and consistently deliver high levels of targeted traffic that converts at impressively high rates.

  • 50k+ targeted visitors per month
  • Double digit click through rates (CTR)
  • Consistently high conversion rates
  • £75 in revenue for each £1 spent on media budget
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Browser Media consistently delivered great results through PPC, whilst taking the time for advice on SEO possibilities. Always quick to respond, and with a high level of intuition for what is needed for a successful campaign. A pleasure to work with.

Richard Spalding (Online Marketing Executive, SAS)