Top 100 Vegan Influencers According to Buzzumo

With Veganuary on the horizon, here are the top 100 vegan influencers that you should be following in 2020, according to Buzzsumo.

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Over the past five years, veganism has been on the rise and has certainly divided a nation of meat and dairy lovers. Being vegan means committing to a plant-based diet, in other words, not consuming any animal products. Veganism is becoming more widely accepted by the day, in part thanks to vegan influencers. Either as a trend or a revolution, vegans are set to make up a quarter of the UK population by 2025.

This year, 100,000 people have already pledged to follow a solely plant-based diet for the whole of January, or “do Veganuary” as it is commonly known as. It’s no surprise that brands have been jumping on the band-wagon left, right, and centre.

Last year, the launch of Gregg’s vegan sausage roll was the star of the show. This Christmas, supermarkets expanded their plant-based offerings to include an array of vegan alternatives to add to the dinner table. Now, KFC is rumoured to be releasing the “Zero Chicken” burger in January 2020.

There’s one trend that dominated the media throughout 2019 provides one explanation for the rise in plant-based diets, and that is the Climate Emergency. Just this week, national treasure Alan Titchmarsh warns followers to eat seasonally “for the planet’s sake and BofE Chief, Mark Carney, has told businesses that do not cut down on their fossil fuel consumption risk becoming obsolete.

Maybe it is time for your brand to board the electric train?

Why use influencer marketing in 2020?

So how can your marketing keep up with the plant-based trend? One way could be through using influencer marketing by collaborating with vegan influencers. Believe me when I say there are plenty to choose from, including both macro-influencers for brands who seek coverage and micro-influencers for precision.

Influencer marketing is defined as:

“type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers–individuals who have a dedicated social following and are viewed as experts within their niche. Influencer marketing works because of the high amount of trust that influencers have built up with their following, and recommendations from them serve as a form of social proof to your brand’s potential customers.”
– Sprout Social

Budgets allocated to influencer marketing by brands continued to rise throughout 2019 and is set to continue to do so right into 2020. However, as influencer marketing progresses, so will their coupling strategies.

When it comes to influencer marketing, choosing creators that reflect their brand’s core values is becoming fundamental. Consumers trust brands to serve a higher purpose, other than to turn over a profit and they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is.

So, how do you find these influencers?

BuzzSumo Active Influencer Reports

BuzzSumo is a content marketing tool that allows us to scour the internet in just a matter of seconds to find topics, domains, or specific users that are key to whatever industry you are searching for. We previously covered this in more detail in our BuzzSumo user guide.

These results are ranked by “level of influence”, a rating determined by a number of factors including what content they share, the average number of retweets received, the relevancy of content etc. Simply put, their ability to affect a piece of content’s reach.

Here at Browser Media, we use BuzzSumo influencer reports a lot when deciding who we to reach out to as part of our PR campaigns. I, therefore, decided to take a deeper dive into the vegan realm to discover who are likely to be key influencers throughout Veganuary and beyond. So I searched for Influencers whose profile included the term “Vegan”.

BuzzSumo also allows you to filter results to make them more relevant. One of the filters applied for this research was to focus purely on active influencers and to ignore broadcasters, in order to find the influencers most engaged with their community at this moment in time.

After exporting the results, I also decided to focus on individuals rather than brands who are less likely to engage with your content, so I filtered out any companies. For me, influencer marketing uses people rather than brands as a whole, as the human element of it is, after all, what helps to build trust in your brand through social proof.

BuzzSumo’s top 100 Vegan influencers

The following accounts would make ideal targets for any brand looking to enter the vegan community to target:


1 Your Daily Vegan @yourdailyvegan
2 Colleen Patrick-Goudreau @joyfulvegan
3 Finding Vegan @findingvegan
4 Chloe Coscarelli @chloecoscarelli
5 The Vegan Kitchen @thevegankitchen
6 Robert Cheeke @robertcheeke
7 Vegan Tweeter (Alex) @vegantweeter
8 Vegan Recipe Hour @veganrecipehour
9 Ari Solomon @veganari
10 Michael Harren @michaelharren
11 Susan Voisin @susanffvk
12 HappyCow Guide @happycow
13 Prof. Gary Francione @garylfrancione
14 Grant Butler @grantbutler
15 Gianna Simone @giannasimone1
16 Jona Weinhofen @jonaweinhofen
17 Laura Theodore @jazzyvegetarian
18 hot for food @hotforfood
19 Isa Chandra @isachandra
20 Erin McKenna Bakery @embakerynyc
21 Christy Morgan @blissfulandfit
22 Whitney Lauritsen @ecovegangal
23 Catherine Gill @thedirtyvegan
24 Victoria Moran @victoria_moran
25 Ginny Kisch Messina @theveganrd
26 Jill Nussinow @theveggiequeen
27 DreenaBurton @dreenaburton
28 Jason Wrobel @jasonwrobel
29 Vegan Yack Attack @veganyackattack
30 Barbi Twins @barbi_twins
31 Herbivore @herbivore_club
32 Lauren Toyota @laurentoyota
33 Leilani Münter @leilanimunter
34 Emily Moran Barwick @bitesizevegan
35 Lindsay S Nixon @happyherbivore
36 Lucy Bee @lucybeecoconut
37 Vance Lehmkuhl @v4veg
38 Vegan Food Quest @veganfoodquest
39 Douglas McNish @dougmcnish
40 Sarah Kramer @govegandotnet
41 John Oberg @johnoberg
42 Vegan Olive @veganolive1
43 Alicia Silverstone @aliciasilv
44 Leslie Durso @lesliedurso
45 Kate Louise Powell @katepow3ll
46 Stephanie Belding @stephbelding
47 miss alix @hello_alix
48 Crazy Vegan Mom @crazyveganmom
49 Cadry’s Kitchen @cadryskitchen
50 Great Vegan Athletes @greatvegan
51 tofu_fit_guy @tofu_fit_guy
52 Our Hen House @ourhenhouse
53 Miriam Porter @miriamriverp
54 Angela Liddon @ohsheglows
55 Ed Coffin @eatconsciously
56 richroll @richroll
57 Yvonne Smith @travelingveg
58 fay ludes @melisser
59 Matthew Dominguez @matt_dominguez
60 The Vegan Zombie @theveganzombie
61 Kathy Patalsky @kathypatalsky
62 Mr Vegan @mistervegan
63 NeoRenfield @neorenfield
64 Ingrid Newkirk @ingridnewkirk
65 veganomically @veganomically
66 @vegansuk
67 @veganstella
68 Jason &the Veganauts @atkins2vegan
69 Heena Modi @plantshift
70 Ellen H Ullman @curet1diabetes
71 Bryant Terry @bryantterry
72 Nigel ⓥ official @nigel4036
73 Wendy Werneth @nomadic_vegan
74 Vegan Mamas @veganmamas
75 World of Vegan @worldofvegan
76 Vegan Banana @theveganbanana
77 Gail Davis @vegangail
78 The Edgy Veg @edgyveg
79 Kelly Peloza @kellypeloza
80 Vegangela @vegangela
81 Kim Stallwood @grumpyvegan
82 Kris Vani, PhD @lavegetaliana
83 Vegan For Life @anoncitizenhere
84 Will Tuttle @willtuttlephd
85 Dianne Wenz @diannewenz
86 Dave Shishkoff @vegancyclist
87 veganiam @veganiam
88 Annie Shannon @ajshannon
89 Jeff Nelson @vegsource
90 nancy m @ordinaryvegan
91 Tracye McQuirter MPH @byanygreens
92 Tess Challis @tesschallis
93 Lucía Martínez @dimequecomes
94 Demetrius @vegand
95 Laura Turner @lauratvegan
96 persiawhite @realpersiawhite
97 Bad Ass Vegan @badassvegan
98 TYR @livevegan
99 L (Leigh Matthews) @l_eighmatthews
100 Lazy Smurf @veganlazysmurf

Congratulations to everyone who made the top 100!

Key takeaways

When carrying out this research, there were a few key outcomes that particularly caught my eye that marketers looking to approach vegan influencers should definitely keep in mind:

Veganism is not all about what you eat

One core message, that surprised me, is that I originally thought veganism was simply following a plant-based diet, but true veganism means a change in lifestyle. It is not just about what you eat.

True, if you manufacture a food product that is certifiably vegan you should definitely be sharing lots of yummy recipes, but other manufacturers and services are not excluded from using vegan influencers. For example, sustainable clothing brands or active lifestyle brands such as gyms, supplements and sports could equally benefit from vegan influencer marketing.

As long as your brand’s values can be aligned with theirs, then vegans could open up a completely new avenue for your brand.

Putting the “p” in passion

It is worth remembering that vegans have changed their entire lifestyle to support what they are passionate about – this could be animal rights, gender equality, or politics. There is no escaping this.

Famously, brands have been worried about getting into bed with artists because they are typically fiery people. When it comes to partnering with vegans, this might not be a bad thing, in fact, we are entering an age of activism, where more brands are choosing activists to champion their brands to engage with politically charged consumers. Be prepared to take a stand.

Opportunities for amplification

A lot of vegan influencers are not just active on Twitter or Instagram, but they also have their own blogs, vlogs and podcasts. This provides a great chance to upcycle your content, so do not just stop at a social media post, get creative and offer yourself up for an interview on a podcast, for example. The more types of content you can create, the more prospective consumers you will reach and appeal to.

Macro vs micro-influencers

Earlier I mentioned brands could choose to collaborate with macro and micro-influencers, the trade-off between the two being coverage or engagement. BuzzSumo’s report confirms this by showing that their ranking algorithm is not just based on the number of Twitter followers – it clearly is taking into account other engagement metrics.

It is important to decide what you want to achieve in terms of your marketing strategy; are you trying to raise awareness or generate leads?

When considering this report, it is important to note that it is impossible to create a comprehensive list of top influencers for any industry because it is ultimately opinion based and as an industry social media is constantly evolving, and therefore, so is influencer marketing. BuzzSumo’s influencer reports are not perfect, but a good place to start.

What’s your opinion on brands embracing veganism – a short term commitment to cash in on, or something that brands will continue to champion long after January is over?

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