My Five #41

Five things worth sharing from the last week (or so) – a royal baby, enhanced campaigns, social sharks, dead cats and a running man.

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My Five: Five things worth sharing from the last week (or so), brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Matt.

1. Royal baby is born, Twitter responds accordingly

So Kate (the Duchess of Cambridge, that is) has given birth to a small prince named George.

Needless to say that social channels, particularly Twitter, have been dominated by #RoyalBaby related things since the Prince’s arrival, mainly people complaining about how their Twitter feed is being dominated by royal baby stuff.

Reports suggest that 25,000 Tweets were sent per minute following the birth of young George, peaking at 8:37pm BST, in the moments immediately following the news of the birth.

You can see the events as they unfolded online here.

2. Enhanced Campaigns

Earlier this week Google automatically upgraded advertisers’ old legacy campaigns to the new enhanced campaigns within AdWords. Google claims that these new campaign features provide  “powerful bidding, smarter ads and extensions and improved reporting”.

See what we had to say about it in this blog post.

3. Hangout with sharks

Next weekend Discovery Channel will be hosting an underwater Google Hangout for the 26th anniversary of Shark Week.

As well as being able to submit questions via Google+, shark fans will be able to get involved via Facebook and Twitter, using the #SharkWeekHangout hashtag.

Finally, a reason to visit Google+!

4. Dead cats, mobile and social ROI

Last week I had the privilege of  attending the Figaro Digital Summer Conference, and a great day it was too – there was free beer!

No real surprises in terms of the topics being discussed – mobile and social being the most common themes of the day – but what stood out for me was how increasingly difficult it is for us, as an industry, to accurately measure and attribute (justify?) our online marketing activities.

While Google continues to baffle search bods with its ever shifting goal posts, I can’t help but feel thankful I’m not part of the social media crowd, who it seems still haven’t really decided what the hell social ROI is, or indeed how to measure it. Attributing a monetary value to a ‘like’ or a retweet sounds like a whole lot of theoretical nonsense to me, but each to their own I guess.

You can catch up with all the day’s events on the Figaro website, including a presentation from Browser Media’s very own Joe Friedlein – Has the SEO cat finally run out of lives?

5. All hail the running man

Over to you, Wojciech…

The Running Man - Arsenal Tour 2013

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