My Five #229

A lost shark, a rubbish statue, and a Coca-Cola story that’ll put you right off your lunch. It’s all happened this week and it’s here in My Five.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Matt.

1. Cristiano Ronaldwho

A new statue of Cristiano Ronaldo, that was unveiled at a ceremony to name the Portuguese island of Madeira’s airport after the Real Madrid star, has been the centre of much ridicule on social media this week. In what was supposed to be an honour befitting of an ‘example of excellence’, the event has been overshadowed significantly by this:


Here are some reactions.

2. Sharknado hits Queensland

Meanwhile, in Queensland, Australia, a 5-foot bull shark has been found washed up dead (RIP, shark) on the side of a road, following a severe tropical cyclone that ravaged large parts of the state earlier this week.

It is believed the shark may have become confused after being caught up in a torrent, which led to it becoming grounded on the side of the road. That’s certainly a plausible explanation, but not half as exciting as the alternative; real-life sharknado…

3. How to lose friends and influence no one

A new social media camp is due to open in Los Angeles that aims to teach teenagers the digital skills they need to become social media influencers. If that sounds terrifying, it’s because it is.

“The more people know you and love you, the more famous you are, right! All you have to do is to let your skill and your personality shine, trust yourself, be consistent and let the social users recognize your uniqueness.”

Urgh. There’s so much wrong with that statement I don’t even know where to start.

I’d argue that if you need to be taught how to be an influencer then you probably don’t have what it takes to be an influencer, but for a relatively small fee of $2,690 I’m sure there will be plenty of impressionable youths queuing up for their slice of instant-fame pie regardless.

Read the original story at

4. US internet privacy law binned

US internet users have been left angered this week as it was announced that ISPs (internet service providers) will soon be able to share internet search history with marketers and other third parties without consent.

This is the latest of a sting of Obama-era laws to be scrapped since Trump moved into the White House and it’s fair to say it hasn’t gone down well, particularly amongst internet rights advocates.

Here’s an article explaining what this ruling actually means for those affected.

5. Fizzy plop

Warning: if you are currently eating your lunch or drinking a soft drink from a can, look away now. Police are investigating a Coca-Cola factory in Northern Ireland after human waste was found in drinks cans. According to The Guardian, the factory noticed the problem after some machines became ‘clogged’.

I guess the good news is that the issue was identified before any of the offending cans made it to shelves. The bad news is I can no longer bring myself to drink anything from a can ever again.

Enjoy your weekend!


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