My Five #227

Featuring another awkward Brexit moment, a president-slaying burger giant and the follow up to ‘that’ interview – welcome to this week’s My Five.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Katie.

1. Location data – creepy but effective

Real-time location or geofencing data allows businesses to create target customers based on their proximity to the business with less focus on other demographics. There has been slow uptake on this, perhaps down to a lack of understanding about the ROI and concerns about it feeling too intrusive to consumers.

But… three new mini case studies show that actually, it is very much worth considering.

For example, Herradura Tequila – a high end tequila brand by Brown-Forman, paired up with FourSquare to push targeted desktop, mobile and video ads to people who were near venues and shops that sold the brand. They found a 23% uplift in foot traffic, and while that doesn’t necessarily equate to more sales, getting people to step into the funnel, and raising awareness of the brand can only be a good thing.

Most interestingly, what each study shows is that you don’t always know your audience. By using a combined strategy that includes real-time location data, you may catch some potential consumers who simply aren’t aware that you’re just around the corner.

Just don’t hang around outside their homes or places of work…

Staring Gorilla via

… Super creepy.

2. Could this be the most depressing advert ever?

Work life balance. That’s the goal, right? Not so for Fiverr, a marketplace offering various creative services, on a freelance basis, to startups and entrepreneurs who don’t have deep pockets. In their recent misthought advert, we’re told that for ‘do-ers’, coffee is a sensible lunch (only true if it is being used as an ingredient for tiramisu) and that sleep deprivation is the drug of choice. Well, lack of sleep can lead to considerable health issues and in extreme circumstances can result in death – so don’t risk it, okay?

Obey The Pratchett

Yay, happy Friday!

3. Take two! What we all wanted to know about that BBC interview

Millions of people around the world watched the video of the academic being interrupted by his family during a live interview. It was most beautiful for its normality, most parents out there recognising that it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, your kids will find some way of ruining it.

best interview-bomb ever captured on television. fact.

As well as its obvious entertainment factor, the video has also created some pretty heated arguments about the status of the heroic woman. The take two video clears all of that up for us now – it was his wife – and for your information, he was wearing pants. And I mean trousers, not underwear.

4. McDonald’s tweets Trump: hack, publicity stunt or just absolutely hilarious?

Thursday morning. All is quiet. Softly, an egg McMuffin cools and wilts. Then, with no warning, McDonald’s send this tweet:

screenshot becuase the original's obvs been deleted

Just going to leave that there for a moment.

Have you stopped laughing now? So Maccy D’s have claimed that their Twitter account was hacked, but who knows. Either way, the world has responded in the usual Twitter fashion so we may as well enjoy the fallout.

… think a few free happy meals are coming the POTUS’ way.

5. This could be even more awkward than Theresa May’s Mutley impression

Britain is broked

Thursday evening marked the launch of a website designed to inform and reassure the British public. The site’s aim was to detail the 12 objectives for the withdrawal discussions and show us all that there is a Plan for Britain, making it almost laughable that the website went down pretty much immediately. A Government spokesman said:

“We experienced issues with hosting for the Plan for Britain website but we have worked quickly with suppliers and the issue has now been resolved.” – via

I am not sure it bodes very well for the talks and exit plan, but at least it’s an exciting time to be alive, eh?

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